How is your soul?

A good place to start is by doing a HEART check.  Ask yourself if you’ve been dwelling in any of the following negative emotions:


If you are nodding your head, please know that you are not alone.  Jesus is inviting you to come away with him, and enter into a new way of living – the abundant life of freedom, power and grace. His way is easy and light, a soothing remedy for your soul pain.  

We don’t heal in isolation. 

Unfortunately, in modern life we often lack a sense of true community and fellowship.  The Joy Prescription community is an opportunity to go deeper in our spiritual walk together, with the common goal of renewing our minds and being transformed by the Holy Spirit.

Soul Care Groups

Soul care groups offer a sacred space for healing, especially for those struggling with a chronic health concern.  We intentionally set aside time to come together for contemplation, for sharing our stories, for deep, empathetic listening, for Bible study, for silence, listening and tuning in to the still small voice of God together. 

Although every Soul Care group session is unique, here’s the general format:

Opening Prayer
Introductions & Check-In
Gentle Movement Activity
Dialogue on Scripture
Reflection & Sharing Group Wisdom
Closing Circle

All Are Welcome

While our background and teachings are distinctly Christian, we welcome ALL people seeking God into our community.  All members must agree to and abide by our group covenant to participate in Soul Care groups. 

Join us

You are invited to join us in the Joy Prescription community for our next Soul Care group, an intimate,
online gathering. We meet monthly on the second Wednesday from 10:00 – 11:30 am EST.  

Visit the events page for upcoming meeting times.