How is your soul?

A good place to start is by doing a HEART check.  Ask yourself if you’ve been dwelling in any of the following negative emotions:


If you are nodding your head, please know that you are not alone.  Jesus is inviting you to come away with him, and enter into a new way of living – the abundant life of freedom, power and grace. His way is easy and light, a soothing remedy for your soul pain.  

We don’t heal in isolation. 

Unfortunately, in modern life we often lack a sense of true community and fellowship.  The Joy Prescription community is an opportunity to go deeper in our spiritual walk together, with the common goal of renewing our minds and being transformed by the Holy Spirit.

A Safe Space for Healing

Soul care virtual retreats offer a sacred, healing space for women in ministry and medicine. We intentionally set aside time to come together for contemplation, for sharing our stories, for deep, empathetic listening, for Bible study, for silence, listening and tuning in to the still small voice of God together. 

Although every Soul Care Virtual Retreat is unique, here’s the general format:

  • Welcome
  • Opening Prayer
  • Introductions & Check-In
  • Gentle Movement Activity
  • Dialogue on Scripture
  • Reflection & Sharing Group Wisdom
  • Closing Circle

All participants must agree to and abide by our group covenant to engage in Soul Care Virtual Retreats.  


From the very first meeting, there was such a comfortable and safe atmosphere that caused folks to be transparent and yet also quiet if that’s what suited them. So nice! That doesn’t happen easily!

I find that the people in my soul care group are very kind and listen attentively to each other. I love to participate when Cindy prays. Her faith is real and has a positive influence on each member because of the Holy Spirit that is present.


I’ve been a member of the Soul Care Group since its inception. Dr. Libert (aka Cindy) does a wonderful job of facilitating the sharing of faith as well as hope and love in living our daily lives. The openness of the attendees to Soul Care Group is inspired by Cindy’s own sharings plus her rigor in bringing an agenda, great Scriptural insights, and an overall candor that inspires others to do the same.


I was most impressed that most everyone shared exactly what was happening with them and included their feelings. I have found this to be rather rare in other groups. Folks seemed quite sincere and authentic in their sharing. I felt very safe and comfortable during the Zoom retreat.

Gail Baruth

I see this group as where we can be ourselves, where solitude greets solitude. Becoming a community energizing us to love.


Join us

You are invited to join us for our next Soul Care Virtual Retreat, an intimate, online gathering.

We meet MONTHLY on the THIRD Friday

from 12:00 – 1:30 pm EST.