My Story, My Why


Hello, I am Dr. Cindy Libert, a board-certified family physician with expertise in integrative medicine. Years ago, when I was a young doctor, I experienced near burnout from being spiritually disconnected and overworking in the dysfunctional American healthcare system.

Sadly, this triggered numerous health problems for me, including anxiety, depression, blood pressure spikes, migraines, gut disturbance, and chronic pain.

Thankfully, God has a way of radically transforming our lives. In 2007 I gave my life to Jesus Christ, and then everything started to change. The last 15+ years have been an awe-inspiring and life-transforming faith journey.

Scripture teaches that our bodies are the temple of the living God.

As I started to follow Christ, my spirituality and medical practice became woven together. Thankfully my health began to shift in a positive direction as well. God’s word directed me to transform my thoughts, actions, and priorities to live a life of surrender, radical trust, and contentment in Him. He has also revealed to me the spiritual importance of health stewardship, as well as the timeless principles of a healthy lifestyle. I call this lifelong process of prayerful discernment and intentional living my “Joy Prescription.” 

My healing experience also inspired me to create

 The Joy Prescription is the educational and community outreach ministry of my private medical practice, Caring for the Body, PLLC – Center for Functional Medicine.  

The ultimate goal of our community is to support each other, so that we can live with great purpose, joy and fruitfulness for the Kingdom of God.